Is having a Mobile App for a Small Business Vital to their Survival

Winston Churchill said “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
I’m not just saying that apps are vital to survival because it’s a catchy title…I have facts, data and just natural instinct that history is repeating itself at warp speed! Further more if local & small businesses don’t catch the wave now they may miss out on the unprecedented opportunity to market their business in the most effective way created so far.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill

Our most recent history of the “Dot Com” era of the early 90’s had billionaires kids popping up overnight by launching the next new website, Yahoo, Amazon, Aol, are a few of the survivors from back then.  Businesses quickly followed suit by launching their own websites and soon if you didn’t have a website no one considered you a credible business.  Fast forward today with social media creating those same young billionaires and mobile apps being the equivalent of  what having a “Website” use to be, with apps increasing your branding & creditability for your customers; While letting them know you value them by being where they are and that’s on mobile devices.  However it seems in the southeast region of the country specifically Jacksonville, FL small business are slow to embrace mobile apps, mobile websites or advertising for the most part. When I search the iTunes and Google Play stores there are only a few restaurants, churches or any businesses that have a current mobile app featured. On the opposite end of the spectrum and rarely see anyone without their smart phone or tablet when I visit those same places.

This is probably for a variety of reasons with business owners typically having and long list of things to do already, keeping up with social media and technology is difficult.  This is where a good mobile app consultant comes in and arms business owners with the specific knowledge they don’t have time to research themselves and make a plan to have a effective mobile app and social media campaign.

Your customers are mobile.  Is your business?

Your customers are mobile. Is your business?

Going mobile is the closest a business can get to a sure then in terms of ROI on investment.  All the data shows the mobile customers buy more, buy more often, buyer sooner and bring in more customers via word of mouth and sharing.  As a mobile app consult this excites me that I can help some many clients reach there goals and control their destiny.

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You don’t have to be a Guru to know not having a mobile app is a Big Risk!

Small businesses seldomly have the opportunity to take big risk without knowing what they can expect to receive in return. So I understand the caution an owner would exercise before investing in any marketing or promotion let alone the fairly new although widely use mobile app and social media craze we are currently involved in. However the data from consumers and from bigger businesses that have the resources to test it; Shows conclusively that you have to go mobile to compete or risk be left behind or worse!

In a time when there are now more smart phones than people or earth.  When smart phones & tablets have been selling out personal computers since 2012. Half or all people with a smart device make purchases from them, any one who searches on a mobile device takes an action of visiting store or making purchase within 24 hours. I can provide you with many fascinating stats from reputable sources but the bottom line is “Mobile” is where most of your clients are now and all of them will be in just a few short years

So what would hold you back from investing to receive the benefits shown in the above video?  As a consumer would you want you favorite restaurants, salons, or shopping venues to be available to your on your Ipads, kindles and smart phones? I’m also happy to share free tips, demos and consultations for any questions or interest in having a mobile app or social media campaign.

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